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Birthdate:Apr 29, 1972
Location:Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
This is the fic archive journal for [personal profile] femmequixotic. You can also find my work uploaded to An Archive Of Our Own and to Skyehawke. Only fiction-based work is archived on Skyehawke; both RPF and fiction-based works are archived at An Archive Of Our Own.

Please note that, while you will find some gen and het stories here, the majority of my fic centers around male homosexual relationships and is rated R or NC-17. If you are under the age of 17, do keep this in mind. I cannot and will not tell you not to read smut if you are underaged. God knows I did, and it'd be far too hypocritical of me to chastise you for it. Frankly, I feel you are most likely old enough to decide what you will or will not read (and if you're not, your parents ought to be watching your Internet usage), and therefore you should recognize that I accept absolutely no responsibility for the consequences of your decision to read any R or NC-17 fics archived under this account.

Feel free to subscribe as you wish. I'll be more than happy to grant access; however, as this is not my primary journal, I don't maintain a reading list here. You can find me at on LJ at [ profile] femmequixotic, on IJ at [ profile] femmequixotic or here on Dreamwidth at [personal profile] femmequixotic.
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